HR Hack-a-Thon

HR Hack-a-thon

1:45 PM–2:45 PM Apr 30, 2018 (US - Central)

Independence 7


When was the last time you attended an HR conference and actually took action on something you learned?

Ask anyone--it's incredibly uncommon to find the right mix of format, topics, and collaboration to bring out true learning opportunities. This year we're shaking up the SilkRoad Connections event with an HR hackathon workshop.

This hands-on workshop will allow you as an HR leader to focus on a specific area of your people practices that needs a touch up.

  • Onboarding processes not delivering results?
  • Maybe your development practices aren't meeting the needs of your learners?
  • Or are you struggling to find the right balance in your recruiting process?

Face it: we all have a process or two that needs some attention.

Whatever the case, this fast-paced session is designed to help guide you through the process of hacking your current practices, tweaking them to improve results and outcomes. Attendees will walk away not only with renewed energy and a focus on improving their HR practices--they will have a set of crowdsourced HR hacks on hand to test and improve their HR service delivery.

This working session will be led by Ben Eubanks, SPHR, SHRM-SCP. Ben is the Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research, host of the We're Only Human podcast, and the 2018 President of North Alabama SHRM. He has led HR practices as a practitioner and now works as a research analyst, helping today's HR, talent, and learning leaders to improve their HR practices through better innovation, strategy, and technology.

SHRM: 18-AP6P0

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