Return from San Antonio River Walk @ the Alamo

9:00 PM–10:45 PM Apr 29, 2018 (US - Central)

The Alamo, San Antonio


The evening is yours to spend as you like exploring San Antonio's river walk. We will provide transportation from to and from the hotel and San Antonio.

Dropoff/Pickup location: The Alamo  

Transportation Schedule:
5:30 PM -- Greeters/Vehicles are staged at Hyatt Windmill Motor Courtyard

5:45-6:45 PM -- Buses Departure

9:00 PM -- First bus returns 

10:45 PM -- The last bus will depart.


* Vehicles will depart as they fill up.  

* Attendees need to look for one of the on-site greeters (dressed in an orange t-shirt with the SilkRoad logo)